Mr. Wali Muhammad Barech (Secretary)
Urban planning is an activity for managing the use of land and environmental changes, for making provision of community facilities and services, enhancement of environment including transportation as well as for balanced use of land and adequate housing developments. The urban planning has long been neglected in Balochistan after the independence. During the course of time, various urban problems have been emerged in towns of the province, such as uneven and chaotic development of the towns, development of squatter and slum settlements, inadequate availability of water supply and sanitation facilities to the population, degradation of environment, congestion in the city centers, high land prices, congested transport networks, inadequate health, education and other social facilities for the concerned urban population, difficult management of the settlements for the public authorities etc. Urban Planning & Development Department was established in year 2008 to take care of long neglected issues of Urban Planning, Development and Management of the urban areas of the Province. Currently, the Urban Planning & Development Department is engaged in preparation of Master Plans of more than 30 major cities/towns including the capital of Balochistan through its attached arms/subordinate offices i.e. Directorate of Works and Quetta Development Authority (QDA). This activity is supposed to be completed within a period of one year and will provide a clear and comprehensive roadmap for a planned and controlled development and management of major urban settlement of the province. It is expected that masses of the Balochistan province will be provided with better living facilities and the government authorities will be able to manage the growth of towns in an efficient, effective and economical manner which is a dire need of the time.
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Urban Planning & Development

Welcome to Urban Planning & Development Department Website. The Government of Balochistan established the Urban Planning & Development Department on 3rd June, 2008, with the mandate according to Rules of Business 1976), with a vision to take care of long neglected issues of Urban Planning, Development and management of the urban areas of the Province.