About Us

About Us

The Science and Information Technology Department of Balochistan plays a pivotal role in recognizing the transformative power of information technology, the Science and Information Technology Department Balochistan facilitates the use of digital tools and platforms to enhance service delivery, promote e-governance, and improve the overall quality of life for the people of Balochistan. It promotes digital literacy and skills development, enabling individuals to thrive in the digital era.


To establish Balochistan as a leading hub of scientific and technological innovation, fostering a knowledge-driven society that drives sustainable development and enhances the quality of life for its citizens.
To harness the potential of Science & IT as a key contributor to E-Governance and good Governance in Balochistan


To support and facilitate in automation and digitalization of Government business and processes for efficient and effective service delivery to public
Driving innovation and digital empowerment for sustainable development in Balochistan.

Organizational Structure



The Science and Information Technology Department Balochistan plays a vital role in developing databases and designing websites for public sectors, facilitating the curation and easy accessibility of data for both the public and government.


The Science and IT Department examines the IT related proposal, whether the scheme/project/work is duplication/replication of an existing project/work. whether the cost-cutting can be made by making use of an already available resource in the provincial or federal governments.

Promote S&IT

implement programs under national Science and Information Technology policies as well as to devise and implement provincial Science and Information Technology policies/plans. support/facilitate computerization, automation, and re-engineering of Provincial Government business processes leading to e-Government for continuous improvement in the state of efficiency, effectiveness,